Ken Pennington - vocals, guitar and keyboard.  Ken lives in Central Virginia and for many years has lead praise groups in church.  A native of the deep South, Ken also toured with a large horn band that played from Mississippi to Chicago.  Ken brings an uncanny ability to sing soul songs with all the feeling needed to perform like the original artist.

Tom Nicholson - vocals, guitar, percussion and keyboard.  Tom spent many years in the Charlottesville area performing in local bands such as Reflex and Witness in the early 90’s.  Playing guitar and keyboards, arranging vocals and band bookings left him with a lot of band experience.

Ron Ganz - vocals, guitar and bass.  Ron also spent quite a bit of time playing in the Charlottesville area in local bands such as Nightwatch and Reflex.  Later years had Ron performing as a solo artist.

Road Crew - Morgan Babecki, Bree Nicholson and Brooke Nicholson - band photographer, social media manager, and video editor. Thanks to friends and family for all your support!

Who We Are....

South Canal Street started as an acoustic vocal group in February, 2016, but have evolved into a full sounding dance band.  Our goal has always been to provide an alternative musical style by focusing on good harmonies and selecting songs from our past that we have always enjoyed.

In April, 2016, we added a new dimension to our group with a Beat Buddy drum pedal that sounds like a real drummer without taking up any extra room on stage and “he” can perform quietly.  With the addition of percussion, South Canal Street branched out musically to play a wider variety of musical styles.

Our ever changing song list includes songs by The Beatles, Chicago, Motown, Eagles and top hits from the golden era of music, late 1950’s to the 1970’s. See the next page for a full listing of our current songs.

Want to hear us? Go to the video page on this site, you will hear us just as we play. No studio editing!

Our Musical Mission....

Our Favorite Venues:


The new deck at Stone Mountain-awesome view at 1700 feet!

South Canal Street is a 3 piece vocal group playing hits from the late 50’s thru the 70’s with a lineup of musicians that bring years of playing experience to your next function. If volume is a concern in your venue, our condensed lineup does not use a drummer. Instead, we rely on “Buddy” our percussion pedal that keeps the beat at any volume he needs to be.

Check out our musical mission below, who we are and listen to us by watching the videos on the video page.  We look forward to making your wedding, class reunion, retirement party or any event you have in mind special!

Our band name, South Canal Street, comes from Ken’s hometown of Natchez, Mississippi.

2019 Dates:

The entire month of January is devoted to learning new songs!

January 25 and 26 we are unavailable anyway

Bald Top February 2  6-9pm

Natchez Mississippi February 8 and 9-Road trip!

Wilderness Run Vineyards February 14 Valentine’s Day

Crosskeys Vineyards March 1st

Bold Rock, main taproom March 8  6-9pm

Stone Mountain March 17th-St Patrick’s Day

Wilderness Run Vineyards March 22

Bald Top March 23

Cunningham Creek Winery April 6

Private Event April 12

Stone Mountain April 13

Wilderness Run Vineyards April 19

Mountain Run April 20

April 26 and 27 we are unavailable

King Family Vineyards May 1  5-8pm

Private Party May 4

Crosskeys Vineyards May 10

Bald Top May 11

Cunningham Creek Winery May 18

Stone Mountain May 25

Private Party in Madison-May 26

DuCard Vineyards June 1  2-5pm

Brix and Columns Vineyards June 7

Wedding June 8th in Madison

Wilderness Run Vineyards June 14

Bald Top June 15

Crosskeys Vineyards June 21

Stone Mountain June 22

June 28 and 29 we are unavailable

King Family Vineyards July 3  5-8pm

Lydia Mountain Private Event July 5

Cunningham Creek Winery July 6

Crosskeys Vineyards July 12

DuCard Vineyards July 13

July 19 and 20 we are unavailable

Chile’s Peach Orchard July 26  5:30-8:30

Stone Mountain July 27

Brix and Columns August 2

Bald Top August 3

Cunningham Creek Winery August 10

Chile’s Peach Orchard August 16

Mountain Run August 17

Wilderness Run Vineyards August 24

Crosskeys Vineyards August 30

Stone Mountain August 31

September 6 and 7 we are unavailable

Stome Mountain September 14

Bald Top September 21

Crosskeys Vineyards September 27

DuCard Vineyards Oyster Festival September 28

King Family Vineyards October 2  5-8pm

Private Party October 5

DuCard Vineyards October 12  2-5pm

Stone Mountain Wine Release Party October 13

Bald Top October 19

Brix and Columns Vineyards October 25

Stone Mountain October 26-Halloween Party

Stone Mountain November 16

Bold Rock, main taproom November 29  6-9pm

Bald Top December 14

Stone Mountain December 21

Private Party New Year’s Eve Dec 31

2020 Date:

September 26, 2020 Wedding in Palmyra Va

We now accept credit cards at our gigs for purchasing merchandise or for getting us to play longer! Fees may apply.

For Bookings:

South Canal Street Band, LLC

Tom Nicholson

PO Box 638

Ruckersville, Va. 22968

434-481-3432 answering machine


Text: 434-996-7768