South Canal Street Band

Music That Takes You Back

South Canal Street Band Members

Ken Pennington

Our keyboardist and soulful singer Ken gives the band a diversity of sounds which brings the melodies of each song together.  He is our versatile music-maker who sweetens our band through a variety of sounds that comes from his heart through his fingertips and singing.

Ron Ganz

Our bass player Ron enriches our music by adding a component of richness and fullness with each note he plays.  He is the one who gives the depth to our songs as he plays and sings from his heart that adds an element of groove which enhances the spirit of our band.

Tom Nicholson

Our guitarist Tom is musically ear-taught to bring complex sounds that are harmonious and heartfelt as an extension of himself.  He adds an essence to our band with harmonizing singing as he loves playing knowing that there is always more to learn and give.


Our unseen infamous drummer who keeps the heartbeats of our band merging together in time with one other.

About The Band Itself

While there are only 3 of us, we bring a much bigger and complete band sound.  We became South Canal Street Band (SCS) to give you a dance band, bringing songs mostly from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, including Motown, Funk, Soul, Rock, Pop and Country and much more.  Our motto is “Music That Takes You Back”, so you will probably know every song we play.  South Canal Street believes music, dance and songs speak a universal language to all people and we are passionate to share our music with everyone.  We want you to come join us in expressing your love of music and our songs by dancing, singing along, or just listening to partake in the fun, energy, and enjoyment we strive to give you each and every time we play.  We love what we are doing and we always want to make your experience with us the best it can be.

We added these videos to give you an idea of how we sound live. No audio editing, this is just how we sound live.

Thank you so much for all your support and know that without you, our fans, our playing would not be the same!  We appreciate each and every one of you!

For booking information, email Tom Nicholson at: or text him at 434-996-7768.    Follow us on Facebook for weekly updates and news.

Proud Mary performed November, 2022.  Thanks to Brooke Nicholson for the video and production work.  None of the audio was enhanced or re mixed.

Til You Can’t performed at White Oak Lavender Farm September, 2023.  Thanks to Brooke Nicholson for shooting the video.

Brandy performed December 31, 2017. Concept Video by Brooke Nicholson

Upcoming Major Band Events

March 23 Everliegh Vinetards, 3-6pm. Our first time there, they serve wine, beer, hard cider, food and fun! Plenty of room to dance inside.

April 27 ducard vineyard's spring oyster festival. please make reservations with ducard. we play 1-5pm.

Our Upcoming Schedule:

We appreciate all of your support and will post weekly on Facebook to remind you of where we are playing as each weekend comes up.

2024 Schedule So far

January 2024

January 5 and 6 we are off

January 12 American Legion Hall Keswick-open to the public. There is a cover charge. It is BYOB.


January 13 Woodbrook Farm Vineyard Barn Party


February 2024

February 9 The Pub at Lake Monticello


February 17 DuCard Vineyards


March 2024

March 2 we are off

March 9 Cave Hill farm Brewery


March 16 Woodbrook Farm Vineyard Barn Party


March 23 Everleigh Vineyards-Mineral, Va.


April 2024

April 12 and 13 we are off

April 19 The Pub Lake Monticello


April 20 Death Ridge Brewery


April 27 DuCard Vineyards Spring Oyster Festival, please make reservations with DuCard. 

We play 1-5pm

May 2024

May 3 and 4 we are off

May 10 and 11 we are off

May 15 Keswick Vineyards-this is a date change

Time TBA

May 18 Woodbrook Farm Vineyard Barn Party


May 24 Iron Pipe Alewerks


May 25 Everleigh Vineyards


May 26 Holdong for private event

June 2024

June 5 Keswick Wine Down Wednesday

Time TBA

June 8 DuCard Vineyards 2nd Saturday Dance


June 14 American Legion Hall Keswick, open to the public.


June 15 we are off

June 21 we are off

June 22 Private Event

June 23 Private Event

June 28 Iron Pipe Alewerks


July 2024

July 4, 5 and 6 we are off

July 13 Private event

July 20 Woodbrook Farm Vineyard Barn Party

July 25 Private event at Woodberry Forest

July 26 The Pub Lake Monticello


July 27 White Oak Lavender Farm


August 2024

August 2 and 3 we are off

August 10 DuCard Vineyards 2nd Saturday Dance


August 23 and 24 we are off

August 31 Death Ridge Brewery


September 2024

September 14 White Oak Lavender Farm


September 25 Keswick Wine Down Wednesday

Time TBA

September 27 Iron Pipe Alewerks


September 28 DuCard Vineyards Fall Oyster Festival


October 2024

October 5 Everleigh Vineyards


October 12 Forest Lakes Fall Festival-Private

October 19 Woodbrook Farm Vineyard Barn Party


October 25 The Pub at Lake Monticello


October 26 Cave Hill Farm Brewery


November 2024

November 1 and 2 we are off

November 16 Death Ridge Brewery


November 29-Black Friday dance at DuCard-please make reservations, 2023 was sold out!


December 2024

December 6 The Pub at Lake Monticello


December 7 Everleigh Vineyards


December 14 Woodbrook Farm Vineyards Barn Party


December 31 Private event in Madison

Interested in booking us?  Go to the Booking Information Page and send us an email about your event and we will reply promptly. 

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